Winter Hair Care, a happy woman holding her hair in the snowy woods.

Winter Hair Care

How To Ensure Proper Hair Care in Winter?

The winter season is a particularly trying time for hair. If you live in an icy environment with snow, fog and chilly winds, your hair can be prone to greater damage. You should, therefore, take measures to ensure that your hair stays beautiful and healthy even in this inclement weather. Here are some tips from experts at SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic that will help you ensure proper hair care in winter.

Use Cold Water to Rinse your Hair

Although you may feel the cold, this is a great way to care for your hair in the winter and any other season. Hot water can remove all traces of natural oil from your hair and weaken the hair roots, resulting in permanent damage to the hair strands. Coldwater, on the contrary, preserves hair moisture and provides the strands with a glorious shine. This means that the moisture from your conditioner can be locked in again.

Avoid Brushing Hair When Wet

As part of your hair care in winter, avoid using a brush on your hair while it is wet. Always brush your hair using a wide-tooth comb, as this will avoid damaging the hair strands and pulling them out due to the force of the narrow teeth. This can help to prevent a hair transplant in Turkey.

Think Twice about Stepping out with Wet Hair

Going out with wet hair in the winter can cause hair to freeze and potentially break. SHIFT Hair Transplant experts advise you to stay in unless your hair is dry or at least fully protected from the elements. It is a good idea to wear a hat that fits properly on your crown. Try not to wear a very tight hat, as your hair can become limp or greasy as a result of overstressed sebaceous glands.

Avoid Shampooing your Hair too Frequently

It is important to avoid shampooing too often, as this is sure to dry your hair out. Allow more time between each wash for hair care in winter, so that the natural oils in your hair are maintained and there is no risk of drying out. While washing your hair, it is essential to use a moisturising product that can decrease dryness. It is a good idea to restrict shampooing your hair in the shower to two to three times a week, rather than every day. Use dry shampoo and baby powder, as dry shampoos absorb any oil and keep the hair shiny and soft without causing damage.

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