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Turkey has long been the centre for excellence in hair restoration, and in recent years it has drawn an increasing number of international visitors to Istanbul.

There are now more hair retoration options available than ever before, and SHIFT is proud to provide patients with high-quality results in a comfortable environment.

Hair Transplant

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What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is transferring follicular units from a healthy donor area (mostly from the back of the head) to the area suffering from hair loss. The hair follicles at the back of the head are immune from Dihydrotestosterone DHT (the hormone that causes hair loss), thus, they are not subjected to fall off. We can say that the donor follicles are resistant to hair loss, meaning that in the vast majority of cases a hair transplant constitutes a permanent solution for hair loss.


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What to Expect from a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is the only solution to get natural hair that grows and can be shaped or cut the way you want. However, many men think hair transplant restores their hair to where it was when they were kids. While it gives them the confidence and peace of mind of a 12-years-old boy, it might not restore the same density.


The Techniques of Hair Transplant

There are two main hair transplant techniques available today: DHI and FUE with its derivatives; Manual FUESapphire FUEGold FUEMicro FUEPercutaneous (Perkutan), Hyper FUE, Soft FUE etc.


FUE is the common technique for hair transplant nowadays, as it allows for transplantation of the maximum number of grafts. FUE is an excellent all-round technique as it is suitable for the majority of patients. FUE involves extracting individual grafts from the donor area before opening microchannels in the transplanted area and placing the grafts in these channels. The advantage of extracting the grafts individually is that this leaves minimal scarring and leads to a swift recovery time.

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DHI is a good technique for creating density in smaller areas, such as the front hairline, and is particularly useful for those seeking a minimal or partial transplant. It involves using an implanter pen to open the channels and position the extracted grafts in one movement. DHI has a faster recovery time than ‘Classic’ FUE but it can only be used for smaller quantities of grafts as it is more time-consuming.

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How do I Know the Best Hair Transplant Technique for me?

SHIFT provides all hair transplant techniques with high efficiency and experience staff. We recommend the technique we see the best for your case depending on what will give you the best end result.

Some techniques are getting marketed as the best for everybody or the coolest technique to have, but the situation is different at SHIFT as we are result-oriented.

The best course of treatment will depend on you and some factors such as your age, the extent of your hair loss, the number of grafts to be transplanted, your hair and skin, etc. SHIFT always works with you to create the best results in the best conditions. Your experience in a wide range of techniques means that they are perfectly placed to offer each patient the course of treatment that is most suitable for them.

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Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant is a huge thing in Turkey, and such procedures have been routinely performed since well before hair transplants became mainstream in the US and Europe. This means that the level of expertise is the highest. Investment in cutting-edge technology and excellent hospitals have also meant that Turkey is miles ahead of other countries in this area, as has Turkey’s focus on embracing innovation.

Hair Transplant at SHIFT

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SHIFT is proud to adhere to the highest standards in the industry in terms of both clinical excellence and patient satisfaction. SHIFT has extensive experience in performing a wide variety of hair transplant techniques, and this versatile approach means that SHIFT is excellently equipped to create the very best results for every patient.


Hair Transplant Before and After

The Growth Timeline of Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant Packages

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Hair Transplant Packages£1,099 GBP
1,299 EUR
$1,329 USD
£1,479 GBP
1,749 EUR
$1,779 USD
£2,049 GBP
2,429 EUR
$2,479 USD
Your operation can be in FUE Technique.
Your operation can be in DHI Technique.
Smart Selection™
Your operation will include the Smart Selection™ Technique.
Sapphire Tip
A sapphire-made blade for opening the micro-channels.
Titanium Tip
A titanium-made blade for opening the micro-channels (for special cases).
Titanium Punch
A titanium-made hollow needle to make the grafts extractable.
Golden Punch
A gold-coated hollow needle to make the grafts extractable.
IV sedation during the local anaesthesia injections.
Needle-Free Injections
Jet injection to reduce the discomfort of the needles (on the donor area only).
Disposable Instruments
Single-use medical tools are sterilised, individually packaged and then discarded.
Max Grafts
An unlimited number of grafts in a way that protects your donor area.
Platelet-Rich Plasma injection to boost healing (painless).
Lunch Break
A meal at the break during the operation.
Wi-Fi (clinic)
Free internet at theclinic.
Medications (Preoperative)
Medications before and during the operation.
Medications (Post-operative)
Medications after the operation and during the healing process.
A shampoo to use during the healing process.
Foam Spray
A foam spray to use during the healing process.
Bucket Hat
A hat you can to block the sun rays or rain.
A headband to prevent the swollen face.
Sleep Tools
Tools to make it easier for you to sleep on your back at night.
Blood Test
A blood test before the operation.
Consultation, planning and blood pressure/sugar check.
Scalp Analysis
Microscopic scan of your scalp with real-time results.
Laser-Assisted Design
Symmetrical design using the power of the laser.
Control 1 (Bandage Removal)
Removing the bandage of the donor area.
Control 2 (Hair Wash)
The first special hair wash with the instructions.
A professional interpreter during the operation and the controls.
All papers/documents are translated.
Follow-up (12 months)
Periodic communication until the end result to make sure you aren’t missing anything.
Private Documentation
Your documents and photos are privately archived.
Pay at theClinic
Pay at theclinic on the operation day.
Cash Payment
You can pay cash in GBP, USD, EUR, or TRY.
Card Payment
You can pay by a physical bank card (Visa, MasterCard, or Amex)
Minimal Shave
Minimal shave at the back of your head (depends on the number of grafts).
Partial Shave
Shaving only the donor area (depends on the number of grafts).
Full Shave
A full shaving of your head to number zero.
VIP Vehicle
A Mercedes Vito vehicle for your transportations.
Private Ride
No shared rides with other patients.
Private Airport Welcoming
Welcoming you at the airport with a coded sign instead of your name.
Airport – Hotel Transportation
Transportations from the airport to the hotel upon arrival.
Hotel –Clinic (Operation Day)
Transportations from the hotel to theclinic on the operation day.
Clinic – Hotel (Operation day)
Transportations from theclinic to the hotel on the operation day.
Hotel –Clinic (Control 1 Day)
Transportations from the hotel to theclinic on the first control day.
Clinic – Hotel (Control 1 Day)
Transportations from theclinic to the hotel on the first control day.
Hotel –Clinic (Control 2 Day)
Transportations from the hotel to theclinic on the second control day.
Clinic – Hotel (Control 2 Day)
Transportations from theclinic to the hotel on the second control day.
Hotel – Airport Transportation
Transportations from the hotel to the airport upon departure.
Your accommodation in Istanbul at selected hotels.
X3 nights3 nights
Hotel Type
The type of your hotel.
Room Type
The type of your hotel room.
Travel Companion
Your companion can share your hotel room and transportations for free.
Sea View
Enjoy the view of the Bosphorus from your hotel room.
High Floor
Your room could be on the 20th floor or above.
Free breakfast in your hotel.
Your hotel has a swimming pool, Turkish bath and SPA.
Wi-Fi (hotel)
Free internet at your hotel.
Central Location
The hotel is in a very central location, close to metro stations, shopping malls, etc.
Extra Shampoo
Special supplementary shampoo.
X3 months6 months
Extra Vitamins
Special supplementary vitamin pills.
X3 months6 months
Mesotherapy withDermaroller
DIY Mesotherapy with a Dermaroller (Do It At Home).
X3 sessions6 sessions
No Branding
No logos or writings indicating hair transplant on anything we give you.
VAT Included
The prices above are final and after including the taxes.
Your PCR test for flying back.
COVID-19 PCR Test (For Companion)
PCR test for your companion forflying back.


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    Hair Transplant in Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is hair transplant permanent?

      The hair follicles at the back of the head are immune from Dihydrotestosterone DHT (the hormone that causes hair loss), thus, they are not subjected to falling off. We can say that the donor follicles are resistant to hair loss, meaning that in the vast majority of cases a hair transplant constitutes a permanent solution for hair loss.

    • Can I transplant hair from another person?

      Although that sounds logical, it is impossible. Transferring somebody else’s hair follicles for your hair transplant is inconceivable. Your recipient area could reject somebody’s else grafts and cause serious infection. Hair restoration surgeons do not perform hair transplant operations using another person’s follicles.

    • Does hair transplant leave scars?

      FUE and DHI Hair Transplants does not leave visible scars. FUT technique leaves a linear scar at the back of the head.

    • Can the transplanted hair grow long?


    • Will The Transplanted Hair Last Forever?

      Most people who undergo hair transplantation processes have good things to say about the kind of results obtained.

    • Does Hair Transplant Look Natural?

      With modern hair transplantation processes, it is now possible for hair loss or hair thinning patients to get a hairline that looks natural and is dense in appearance.

    • Does All Transplanted Hair Survive?

      When performed in ideal circumstances, it has been found that a few doctors have managed to reach 99% graft survival.

    • Did Hair Transplant Change Your Life?

      Many people who have undergone hair transplantation surgeries have responded with a resounding yes, for these reasons: Improved appearance Getting more confidence Improving their social media presence Advancement in the professional domain

    • Can I Do Hair Transplant Twice?

      There is no limitation on the number of sessions. If there is a limitation, it is actually on the total number of healthy grafts.

    • Is Hair Transplant Painful?

      The injection of the local anaesthesia can sting slightly, it can be avoided by applying an IV sedation to avoid any kind of pain during the operation.

    • Are Hair Transplants Covered by Insurance?

      No! As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as hair loss insurance.

    • Are Hair Transplants Noticeable?

      The micro, round marks from FUE Hair Transplant are scattered in the donor area, which makes them less likely to be noticed.

    • Can Hair Transplant Cause Cancer?

      No! Hair transplant does not have any association with cancer.