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What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation, SMP, Hair Shading or Hair Simulation is a cosmetic procedure which involves using microneedles to inject a special ink pigment into the scalp area, drawing on a technique similar to tattooing to imitate the appearance of closely cropped hair. Micropigmentation can be helpful in creating an impression of greater density, and it can be used on its own or alongside other hair restoration methods.


What are the Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation?

One of the main benefits of micropigmentation is that it is a relatively easy procedure from the point of view of the patient. It can be performed under a local anaesthetic and will not normally take longer than four to five hours to complete. Nor will it constitute an obstacle to you continuing with their daily activities, other than a few basic precautions such as avoiding swimming pools and saunas for a short interval after the treatment. Unlike other hair restoration methods, micropigmentation produces results which are visible immediately.

Although the pigmentation can fade over time, meaning that ‘touch-up’ sessions may be required, there is no need for any kind of continuous ongoing maintenance. This is something of an advantage over other treatment methods such as PRP, mesotherapy and pharmaceutical treatments, which generally need to be continued over time in order to maintain results.

Here are some more benefits of scalp micropigmentation;

Getting a dense full hair camouflage.

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Having a shaved hair effect.

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Covering FUT scar.

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Immediate results.

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The perfect alternative to a hair transplant.

If you have health problems or insufficient donor hair.

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Am I a candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation can be applied after a hair transplant (after a suitable amount of time has elapsed) or it can be used as a standalone treatment method. Micropigmentation can be particularly useful for people who are not good candidates for a hair transplant, especially those whose donor area is limited.

The micropigmentation treatment can also be used on areas which are not necessarily always well-suited for hair transplantation, such as scar tissue. In general terms, micropigmentation can be considered a good ‘all-around’ treatment method, as it can be applied to virtually any skin type. It will normally produce good results in patients of every background, irrespective of their skin colour or hair type.


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Does Scalp Micropigmentation have any Drawbacks?

One of the biggest drawbacks of scalp pigmentation is that the ink tends to fade over time, which means that after a couple of years it will normally be necessary to do a ‘touch-up’ session in order to boost the overall appearance. A further drawback is the fact that it is normally better to wear the hair relatively short after a micropigmentation treatment, as this will create a better visual ‘balance’ between the tattooed hair and the residual hair. Although the pigmentation treatment can create an appearance of greater density, it will not change the actual thickness or texture of the residual hair, nor will it have an impact on the hair loss process or the factors that caused this.

Scalp Micropigmentation in Turkey

Scalp Micropigmentation is a huge thing in Turkey, and such procedures have been routinely performed since well before it became mainstream in the US and Europe. This means that the level of expertise is the highest. Investment in cutting-edge technology and excellent hospitals have also meant that Turkey is miles ahead of other countries in this area, as has Turkey’s focus on embracing innovation.

Scalp Micropigmentation at SHIFT

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SHIFT works with a dedicated SMP artist who has years of experience in creating the best results for a variety of skin and hair types. Scalp Micropigmentation is quite a delicate procedure which demands concentration, a high level of attention to detail and a strong artistic calling. However, in the hands of professionals, the results can be excellent, and SHIFT is proud to present this option to patients as part of its select but highly specialised portfolio of expert services.


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Scalp Micropigmentation Packages

Rotate Phone

€ 559€ 1039
2 Sessions2 Sessions
Free RetouchFree Retouch
Medical KitMedical Kit
3 Nights / 4-star
Clinic Transport x4
Airport Transport x2
SMP Packages
Density Camouflage
Price in GBP£ 479£ 889
Price in EUR€ 559€ 1039
Price in USD$ 609$ 1129
Sessions Number
The number of sessions included.
Touch up
Free retouch session in the mentioned period (if needed)
2 years2 years
Organic Pigment
Organic ink for more natural results.
Disposable Instruments
Single-use medical tools are sterilised, individually packaged and then discarded.
Wi-Fi (clinic)
Free internet at the clinic.
Medications (Preoperative)
Medications before and during the operation.
Consultation, planning and blood pressure/sugar check.
Laser-Assisted Design
Symmetrical design using the power of the laser.
A professional interpreter during the operation and the controls.
All papers/documents are translated.
Private Documentation
Your documents and photos are privately archived.
Pay at the Clinic
Pay at the clinic on the operation day.
No Shave
The procedure does not require shaving your hair.
Private Airport Welcoming
Welcoming you at the airport with a coded sign instead of your name.
Airport – Hotel Transportation
Transportations from the airport to the hotel upon arrival.
Hotel – Clinic (Procedure Days)
Transportations from the hotel to the clinic on the procedure day.
Clinic – Hotel (Procedure days)
Transportations from the clinic to the hotel on the procedure day.
Hotel – Airport Transportation
Transportations from the hotel to the airport upon departure.
Your accommodation in Istanbul at selected hotels.
X3 nights
Hotel Type
The type of your hotel.
Room Type
The type of your hotel room.
Travel Companion
Your companion can share your hotel room and transportation for free.
Free breakfast in your hotel.
Wi-Fi (hotel)
Free internet at your hotel.
Central Location
The hotel is in a very central location, close to metro stations, shopping malls, etc.