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Hair loss is often perceived as a primarily male condition, yet women can also experience this for a variety of different reasons. Hair loss is something which can have a profound negative impact on a woman’s self-esteem, but a female hair transplant can provide a permanent solution in many cases.

Female patients at SHIFT can feel confident in receiving first-class treatment in the hands of a highly experienced team which places comfort at the heart of every patient experience.

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The Advantages of Women Hair Transplant

Women hair transplant constitutes the most effective solution for hair loss in women. In theory, treating female patients is reasonably similar to treating male patients, yet there are certain factors to take into account when treating women.

Here are some more benefits of women hair transplant:

Boosting your overall self-confidence.

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Increasing your chances of getting that job interview.

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More swiping right.

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What Causes Female Hair Loss?

The main cause of hair loss in women, as in men, is inherited androgenetic alopecia. In women this is also known as ‘female pattern hair loss’, and while this condition is genetic, it tends to manifest itself differently in men and women. Female pattern hair loss is generally characterised by all-over thinning, whereas male pattern hair loss is more localised to a specific bald area or areas of the head. Both male and female pattern hair loss can often be successfully treated by hair transplantation, a treatment which offers a permanent solution to this type of hair loss.

Aside from female pattern hair loss, there are a variety of other factors which can also occasion hair loss or hair thinning in women. These include underlying health conditions such as hypo- or hyper-thyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome, certain skin conditions, illness and also the side-effects of taking heavy medication or receiving intense medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Certain lifestyle factors, such as exhaustion, poor nutrition and vitamin and iron deficiency, can also have a negative impact on hair health, as can psychological trauma.

In some cases, hair loss in women may be temporary and resolve itself over the course of time. This is particularly true of hair loss that is linked to a specific physically or psychologically traumatic event such as pregnancy, childbirth, surgery or a difficult life event. In other cases, hair loss can be at least partially remedied by making lifestyle changes or addressing the underlying causes of hair loss. However, in situations where such hair loss is permanent, a hair transplant can help in improving the overall appearance of the hair, and in doing so can boost the confidence of female patients. Some women also choose to have a hair transplant if they wish to lower their hairline for cosmetic purposes.

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The Techniques of Women Hair Transplant Operation

Firstly, most women are understandably reluctant to shave their hair, which means that in most cases they will be better candidates for Manual or DHI, rather than FUE techniques. Although FUE is the most widely used treatment method, because it enables transplantation of the maximum number of grafts, it normally requires a more shave. DHI, on the other hand, is excellent for increasing density without disturbing the original hairs in the transplanted area, which means that it is a very good solution for women with thinning hair.

With the DHI technique, it is normally possible to shave only a small part of the hair at the back of a female patient’s head, which can be covered if a woman has reasonably long hair. The donor grafts can then be extracted from this area, and while coverage will be less dense once the remaining hairs have grown back again, the better overall coverage across the scalp should help to offset this.

While there’s no need to shave any part with Manual Hair Transplant or FUT Technique. They’re both pricier that the techniques mentioned above. In addition, FUT leaves a linear permeant scar.


FUE is the common technique for women hair transplant nowadays, as it allows for transplantation of the maximum number of grafts. FUE is an excellent all-round technique as it is suitable for the majority of patients. FUE involves extracting individual grafts from the donor area before opening microchannels in the transplanted area and placing the grafts in these channels. The advantage of extracting the grafts individually is that this leaves minimal scarring and leads to a swift recovery time.

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DHI is a good technique for creating density in smaller areas, such as the front hairline, and is particularly useful for those seeking a no-shave transplant. It involves using an implanter pen to open the channels and position the extracted grafts in one movement. DHI has a faster recovery time than ‘Classic’ FUE but it can only be used for smaller quantities of grafts as it is more time-consuming.

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FUT is an older women hair transplant technique which has now been surpassed by newer methods. It involves harvesting an entire strip of skin from the scalp and dividing this up to obtain individual follicular units, before implanting these in the channel in the recipient area. FUT offers the highest overall rate of graft survival but its downsides are a more painful and complex operation, a slower recovery time and permanent linear scarring, meaning that it is not commonly used now.

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How do I Know the Best Hair Transplant Technique for me?

SHIFT provides all hair transplant techniques with high efficiency and experience staff. We recommend the technique we see the best for your case depending on what will give you the best end result.

Some techniques are getting marketed as the best for everybody or the coolest technique to have, even the “I am very rich technique”, but the situation is different at SHIFT as we are result-oriented.

The best course of treatment will depend on the patient and factors such as their age, the extent of his hair loss, the number of grafts to be transplanted, his hair and skin type and more. SHIFT always works with the patient to create the best results in the best conditions. Their experience in a wide range of techniques means that they are perfectly placed to offer each patient the course of treatment that is most suitable for them.

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Women Hair Transplant in Turkey

Women hair transplant is a huge thing in Turkey, and such procedures have been routinely performed since well before women hair transplant became mainstream in the US and Europe. This means that the level of expertise in Turkey is very good. Investment in cutting-edge technology and excellent hospitals have also meant that Turkey is miles ahead of other countries in this area, as has Turkey’s focus on embracing innovation.

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Woman Hair Transplant at SHIFT

SHIFT is proud to adhere to the highest standards in the industry in terms of both clinical excellence and patient satisfaction. SHIFT has extensive experience in performing a wide variety of hair transplant techniques, and this versatile approach means that SHIFT is excellently equipped to create the very best results for every patient.

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The Results of Women Hair Transplant

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The Cost of Women Hair Transplant

  • Basic
  • £ 1,149 / /
  • €1,299 US$1,569
    • Max Grafts
    • Sapphire Tip
    • Titanium Punch
    • Needle-Free Injections
    • PRP
    • Medical Kit
    • Operation Transportations x2

  • More details
  • Perfect
  • £ 1,539 / /
  • €1,739 US$2,109
    • Max Grafts
    • Sapphire Tip
    • Titanium Punch
    • Needle-Free Injections
    • PRP
    • Medical Kit
    • All Transportations x8
    • 3 Nights / boutique
    • Extra Supplements x3
    • Dermaroller x4
    • COVID-19 PCR Test

  • More details
  • Luxury
  • £ 2,059 / /
  • €2,319 US$2,809
    • Max Grafts
    • Sapphire Tip
    • Golden Punch
    • Needle-Free Injections
    • PRP
    • Medical Kit
    • All Transportations x8 VIP
    • 3 Nights / 5-star
    • Extra Supplements x6
    • Dermaroller x10
    • COVID-19 PCR Test

  • More details