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Hair Transplant Head Coverage

When to Opt for Head Coverage after a Hair Transplant?

“Hair Transplant Head Coverage”: Technological innovation in every field has created a better lifestyle for humans, and developments in health and medicine can provide a better overall aesthetic appearance too. These days, it is not uncommon to find many men and women opting for surgical treatments for hair loss. However, many people have a lot of questions about the recovery phase associated with hair transplant in Turkey such as whether head coverage is possible after the hair transplant. Find out the truth about the same.

No Pressing in the First Two Weeks

After a hairline surgery or FUE Hair Restoration Treatment, the newly implanted grafts take around 7-10 days to anchor themselves fully in the new site. Until the new grafts become permanently positioned in their spots, you should avoid touching or manipulating them. By wearing a hat or head coverage, you could risk compressing the new grafts or even moving them or dislodging them out of their place. This could affect the overall success of your hair transplant in Turkey.

Listen to Your Surgeon

In what called: “Hair Transplant Head Coverage” You can usually wear a hat once the grafts have become a lasting part of your crown. On average, grafts take around 7-10 days to anchor themselves in their new position. However, advice and guidance can vary between surgeons – such as those working in top clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant. This means that it is important to talk to your surgeon. Some surgeons recommend that patients wait up to three weeks before donning a hat, to make sure the grafts are fully anchored in their site. It is best to listen to your surgeon’s recommendations and follow his or her advice.

Wear a Loose Cap is a method in what called “Hair Transplant Head Coverage”

In what called “Hair Transplant Head Coverage” It is important to wear a loose cap, such as a snapback baseball cap. Your transplanted area is likely to be fine as long as your hat does not come into contact with your recipient area. You should ensure that the hat is large enough, or at least adjustable so that the sutures and swelling are accounted for. Before you use a hat, try it on your head before the surgery and check whether it fits nicely on your crown without pressing down too hard on your scalp. It is better to wear a baseball cap or a trucker cap rather than a bandana, which could touch your hair grafts. Even then, we recommend that you wait for the amount of time indicated by your SHIFT Hair Transplant surgeon before opting for head coverage after the hair transplant.

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