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Hair Transplant Psychological Effects

Even non-psychologists can easily recognise the negative impact that thinning hair and balding can have on the psyche, with lack of self-esteem, social anxiety and depression being some of the most common consequences of hair loss. Hair transplantation is a powerful technique that can effectively and naturally treat hair loss. Learn more about the psychological benefits of hair transplant at the SHIFT Hair Transplant centre, and discover how hair transplantation can have a positive impact on human psychology.

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A successful hair transplant can lead to a real boost to self-confidence.

Improved Self-confidence is one of Hair Transplant Psychological Effects

A successful hair transplant in Turkey can really enhance a person’s self-esteem, and this renewed confidence will have a positive impact on everything that person does, in both their personal and professional life. A full head of hair restores a youthful appearance and improves the outlook for the future as well as happiness.

Improved Love and Sex Life is one of Hair Transplant Psychological Effects

A full head of hair can make people feel more on a par with others, and enable them to enter the dating scene with more self-confidence. Scientists have proven that better confidence and stability can boost a person’s sex life, producing a direct impact on the mood of people and the intimate relationships that they have. A thick head of hair can improve vitality and keep anxiety about looks away.

A Renewed Sense of Energy

Following a successful hair transplant at a reputable centre such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, people are found to follow a more active lifestyle, choose healthier foods and stick to better workout routines. Many of these people experience a boost to their ego and mood and improve the way they  dress. Moreover, in feeling younger they often also feel happier in themselves. This feeling is akin to having been injected with endorphins, neurochemicals which produce mood-boosting and pain-relieving properties.

Lasting Treatment

Although there are quick-fix options to remedy hair loss or thinning, such as hair plugs, wigs and toupees, they do not offer the same lasting positive impact on the psyche. Hair transplants, on the other hand, are more able to solve hair loss issues. Indeed, hair transplant surgery can offer long-term permanent solutions for baldness. Hair transplant patients are free from subconscious worries about losing their hair a few months or years down the line. They can wash, oil and even style their hair as they wish. 

Natural Treatment

As the treatment yields completely natural results, the hair colour is the same as the original. Usually, hair growth begins to occur after 2 – 3 months. Hair transplant in Turkey carries none of the stigmas linked to other techniques, and this helps patients to feel more relaxed.

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