Hair Bad Habits, a doctor holding a hair loss sign.

Hair Bad Habits

10 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Hair

It is unfortunate that many young men and women are compelled to seek restorative treatment from hair clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant when their hair is supposed to be strong and shiny. However, there is a whole range of bad habits that can destroy the hair and lead to hair loss.

A brunette pulling her ponytail.
Wearing scalp-scraping hairstyles such as buns, knots, braids and tight ponytails can lead to gradual hair loss.

Find out more about ten habits that any person that is facing (or not yet facing) hair loss should stop immediately. 

1- Inadequate Diet

In order to prevent hair loss arising from nutritional deficiencies, it is important to include natural and healthy foods in your diet. Choose foods which are rich in iron, protein, copper, zinc and vitamin E, and in this way help to avoid hair loss from nutritional deficiencies.

2- Bad Hair Styling

The Annals of Dermatology’s 2011 report mentions that greater surface damage can occur to hair when we prioritise hairdryers over natural drying. Curling, straightening and other treatments can also lead to more frequent hair loss. Hair Bad Habits

3- Swimming in Chlorinated Pools is one of Hair Bad Habits

Swimming regularly in chlorinated pools can lead to hair discolouration. Always take a shower and shampoo your hair straight after swimming.

A male hair dresser is straightening a hair of the blonde.
Surface damage can occur to hair when we use a hairdryer instead of natural drying.

4- Wearing Hair Tight

Wearing scalp-scraping hairstyles such as buns, knots, braids and tight ponytails can lead to gradual hair loss, also known as traction alopecia.

5- Using Artificial Hair Care Products

Use of serums, gels, commercial shampoos and other hair styling items with harmful synthetic chemicals such as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), ammonia and hydrogen peroxide can cause hair thinning and loss.

6- Teasing the Hair

Aggressive backcombing or teasing of hair can be extremely damaging, as it tangles the hair strands, causes split ends and leads to hair breakage.

7- Excess Stress

When we are stressed, this has an impact on the circulation of blood and nutrients to hair follicles, which can, in turn, lead to hair loss. After this initial hair loss, hair generally regrows after 6 – 9 months. Try to avoid stress as much as possible, or hair transplant in Turkey will be your only option further down the line.

8- Smoking and Drinking

These two habits, again, impact the supply of blood and nutrients to the hair and lead to hair thinning and eventual loss. Nicotine in cigarettes also leads to constriction of the blood vessels in the scalp.

9- Cutting your Own Hair

Unless you have proper expertise in hair styling, you should never do it. Never cut your hair horizontally, only vertically.

10- Washing your Hair Daily

Excessive hair washing (every day, for example) can strip your hair of its essential oils and make it dry and brittle. Avoid this habit as much as possible.

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