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Hair Dye and Hair Loss

The Relationship between Dying your Hair and its Fall

large number of People of both male or female have been dying their hair and in differnt colours from the time immemorial, and the practice has been around for centuries. As trends change, hairstylists continue to find more uses for permanent colouring which go even beyond the basic foils.

Hair Dye and Hair Loss 1
While a lot of people like it, but Dark colourings are the riskiest.

Balayage, Highlights, Écaille and Rooting are just but some of the permanent colouring techniques offered with do-it-yourself drugstore kits and salons in addition to other servers. Even though hair dye is widely popular across the globe, nowadays many people wonder whether if there is a relationship between hair dye and hair loss and now Shift Hair Transplant is going to tell you the truth and inform you what you have to know.

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Hair dye might discolour the skin.

According to the trusted experts, hair dye does not actually inhibit hair growth, but unfortunately it may damage the hair that is coloured leading to hair loss as a result. Hair dye can not read the hair beneath your scalp that has not emerged yet. This basically means that hair dye can not basically cause hair loss, but it is true that hair shedding usually increases with hair dyeing.

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Hair dye contains more than synthetic 5,000 chemicals material.

What hair dyeing involves and how it can lead to hair loss  “Hair Dye and Hair Loss”

There are a number of ways in which hair dye and hair loss are related.

  • Rubbing and combing

First, hair dyeing involves rubbing  and combing as a part of process to manipulate the hair shafts and doing this could sadly loosen hairs in telogen resulting in increased hair shedding.

  • Elements in the dye

Secondly, the hair dye contains hydrogen peroxide and ammonia which they are chemical elements. These elements also loosen telogen hairs causing increased hair shedding.

Hair Dye and Hair Loss
Do you know that Mixing different hair dye products is not a good idea if you are worried about hair loss.
  • Physical damage

Again, hair dye can potentially weaken hair shafts physically and this can increase hair breakage that leading to breakage-caused hair loss as a result.

This above analysis shows clearly that hair loss can also be as a result of hair dye.

The physical weakening of the hair shaft which is caused by the disruption of the protein backbone is the most common cause of the hair loss related to hair dyeing. Hair days that are meant to lighten the hair contain a very high volume of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide which are not good for your hair. This makes them the most disruptive of all the hair dyes. The peroxide is responsible for removing the eumelanin pigments from the hair shaft and then replaces them with blonde hair colours. If you dye your hair to blonde colours from brunette, you will notice that your hair has shortened and that your need for haircuts has become less frequent. This is as a result of breakage that takes place at the distal end of your hair shafts.

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Wearing gloves when applying is essential to avoid skin damage which can be caused by chemicals materials.

In short, the summary is that there is an important relationship between hair dye and hair loss. Whatever the cause of your hair loss, you can always get a hair transplant with shift hair transplantin Turkey at affordable rates.

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