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Hair Transplant Best Season

Which Season is the Best for Hair Transplant?

We all understand that healthy and beautiful hair looks great on anyone. But the life of each hair is genetically predetermined. Stress, a frantic pace of life, poor environmental conditions and health problems can all cause premature hair loss. Such factors are likely to affect men in particular. After all, androgen, the male sex hormone produced by the adrenal glands, regulates both growth and hair loss. Androgen activity has the most significant effect on hair in the crown region and the temples, while barely affecting the occipital region at all.

Hair loss and subsequent regrowth is a natural process. But if the hair has not regrown within one year of the initial loss, then it will never appear in this place again. We can, therefore, consider the hair root to be dead. Once this happens, the only solution is a hair transplant in Turkey at SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic.

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Hair washing is much easier in summer.

The Technology Used in the Procedure

The technology used in the hair transplant in Turkey procedure is already very well-developed. And these techniques continue to improve. The number of transplanted hairs is continually increasing at SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic. These days, it is possible to transplant 1000 grafts during one operation, and each of these grafts is a skin area with 1-2 hairs. The micro-transplant is transferred to the bald area using micro-cuts made at an angle fitting with the natural growth pattern of the hair. The procedure is performed using modern technology, on an outpatient basis, under local anaesthesia.

In Which Season Should Patients Have the Procedure? Here is more information about what called “Hair Transplant Best Season”

It is difficult to say that there is a ‘best’ season for a hair transplant because there is no real difference in when the procedure takes place. It is possible to transplant hair at any time of the year: winter or summer, morning or afternoon. The time and season are not strong limiting factors for this procedure.

Choosing a more favourable season and time for a hair transplant will not influence the success of the surgery. The only thing to keep in mind is that the procedure may take at least eight hours so it will take place in two sessions. If you start the surgery in the morning, you will finish by the late afternoon. Likewise, if you start in the afternoon you will finish in the evening.

If you are wondering about the best season for a hair transplant, you should keep in mind that temperature changes will not influence the hair transplantation.

Our clinic experts recommend undergoing the operation during the summer months which we consider to be a good season for hair transplants. This is because air conditioning will help you to feel comfortable during the procedure. After the surgery, you will need to wash your hair regularly with cold water, and this is also much easier during the summer months.

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