Crown Vertex Hair Transplant in Turkey, an empty hair on the vertex on a male in black hair.

Crown Vertex Hair Transplant

What does Crown Hair Transplant Involve?

Crown Vertex Hair Transplant, also referred to as Crown Hair Transplant, means transplantation of hair onto the vertex or the apex of the skull. From this point, it tends to slope into a horizontal plane downward. The peak of the head draws a lot of attention, especially when it comes to baldness, thinning hair or other cosmetic irregularities or inconsistencies. The bald or exposed areas can often be easy to spot. This means that the sight or knowledge of the patch can be highly discomforting for some people. These factors, in turn, can lead to depression, acute social anxiety or, at the very least, reduced self-confidence. Find out how a crown vertex hair transplant can take place at top hair loss restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant.

An old man with a empty vertex on a blue background.
Hair transplantation on the vertex is sometimes less complex than on the frontal section.

Proper Diagnosis

A vertex hair transplant can be difficult or even impossible to carry out using the FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) method. In some cases, hairs from other parts of the body are also useful in covering the balding areas of the vertex. In the FUE process, the robotic hair transplant method in operation involves the application of robotic punching. However, during the punching process, damage of grafts is one of the biggest disadvantages.

Careful Transplantation

Hair transplantation on the vertex is sometimes less complex than on the frontal section. Skilled surgeons operate in this area with a lot of care. Crown Vertex Hair Transplant in Turkey should involve the opening of canals in a suitable direction and angle. This happens after determining the points where the hair takes a turn and will ensure a broader and more natural coverage. Between 8-12 months after the surgery, vertex hair transplantations can reach their definitive form.

Combination Method in “Crown Vertex Hair Transplant”

A combination of hair transplant in Turkey using the methods of FUE+FUT (Follicular Unit Extraction + Follicular Unit Transplantation) is useful when the patient is hoping for denser hair. At the vertex, the hair merges with two varied patterns due to the growth of hair on the head. The back hair has less than 15-degree angulation from the scalp’s baseline. At the same time, frontal hair has an angle of over 45 degrees. When working on the crown or vertex, a proper angle has to be given to ensure a whirling texture of the hair.

It is not easy to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and appropriate hairline design. However, highly skilled and qualified surgeons – such as those at SHIFT Hair Transplant – can help match the facial profile and general appearance of individuals.

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