Exercising Post Hair Transplant, A man jogging in a park.

Exercising Post Hair Transplant

Returning to Sport after a Hair Transplant

If you have undergone a hair transplant in Turkey, it is best to avoid exercise or sport during the first week after the operation. During the first month, you should avoid sports activities such as soccer or basketball that involve bodily contact. Find out how and when you should take up sports activities after undergoing hair transplantation.

A man kicking the ball with his head in a park. Exercising Post Hair Transplant
Heading the ball is not recommended for the first three months in what called “Exercising Post Hair Transplant”

Avoid High-sweat Activities

You should not take part in sports activities that cause you to sweat a lot, as sweating can significantly increase the risk of infection. For the same reason, it would also be wise to avoid sauna or steam bath sessions until one month after the date of surgery.

Take up Only Light Physical Activities

Some amount of exercise is good for your health, but it is best that you stick to only the lightest of activities during the first two weeks after the hair transplant in Turkey. You should avoid leaning over and lifting heavy weights or any other strenuous activities. It is acceptable to go for light walks from the third day of the surgery. Provided that you do not walk too briskly, it is a good idea to go for walks for short distances.

Allow Thirty Days to Pass

If you are a fan of heavy sports activities, such as weightlifting, you should postpone serious exercise regimes for four further weeks, even if you have undergone treatment at a top hair restoration facility such as SHIFT Hair Transplant. Allow around 28-31 days to pass from the time of surgery, so that the scalp heals sufficiently and lets you return to your usual activities. It might appear counterintuitive for you to stop or cut down heavily on exercising. However, this will actually make the process more successful for you. It is very important to follow this measure.

Long-term Fitness Plans is one of your plan in what called “Exercising Post Hair Transplant”

Once a month has passed, most patients can return to their pre-operative routines without any exception. Common sense and healthy habits should, of course, be your guide. It is a good idea to ask your hair transplant surgeon at SHIFT Hair Transplant about any particular concerns regarding your timeline and get the counsel that is necessary for optimal results. And now Shift Hair transplant gave you a nice and many information about what called “Exercising Post Hair Transplant”

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