Hair Transplant Sweating, a black man with a sweating face.

Hair Transplant Sweating

Is Sweating Bad after Hair Transplant?

Many people have problems with excessive sweating. If you suffer from hair loss, it is possible that it is precisely this problem that is causing it. Lactic acid is one of the main ingredients in sweat, and this substance has an adverse effect on the outer hair layers, leading to a gradual cutting down of the hair follicles. This acid damage will be immediately apparent because the hair will become dry, fragile and weak.

However, sweating after a hair transplant procedure should not have a significant impact on transplanted hair. This type of hair transplant in Turkey can be performed at the SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic. Now you will know more about what called “Hair Transplant Sweating”.

What is the Real Cause of Sweat-induced Hair Loss?

Although you may think you are the only one losing hair due to intense sweating on the scalp, it is important to ask yourself what you can do to stop this. Of course, one key to preventing sweat-induced hair loss is to lower the level of sweating on the head to average levels in order to restore damaged hair.

This, of course, raises the question of how to reduce sweating on the scalp. This is the most important concern. If you can reduce the amount of sweating on your head, you can start to reduce and even reverse the damage. There are a lot of factors that can cause excess sweating, with anxiety and stress being the most common. Reduce these factors, and you will prevent hair loss triggered by sweating.

Can Sweat Damage to the Transplanted Hair? more About what called “Hair Transplant Sweating”

If everything in the SHIFT Hair Transplant procedure is completed appropriately, and the grafts are properly inserted, it is very likely that the results will be highly satisfying. Of course, patients shouldn’t ignore the surgeon’s warning against sweating following a hair transplant, but sometimes there can be an emergence of unusual factors that can cause problems to the transplanted hair.

Of course, post-operative care consists of cleaning the scalp regularly. So in what called “Hair Transplant Sweating” Patients should avoid excessive sweating after a hair transplant in order to prevent damage to transplanted grafts. They should pay close attention to instructions including avoiding touching and pulling grafts during the first ten days after the procedure. Wearing a tight hat in the first week after the operation is also a bad idea because the contact with the grafts can cause friction. If possible, patients should avoid heavy labour and strenuous physical activity in order to protect the head from excessive sweating after the hair transplant. Shaift Hair Transplant intersted in inform you more details about Hair transplant as “Hair Transplant Sweating”.

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