Hair Transplant Bandages

Hair Transplant Bandages on a black table.

Hair Transplant Bandages

Bandages after Hair Restoration Procedure

Hair Transplant Bandages – Hair transplants in Turkey take place under the hands of specialist surgeons with years of experience. As Turkey is well-known for medical tourism, many patients come here for a hair transplant every year. After a successful operation, they return home with the hair they had been missing a few days ago.

While many people consider a hair transplant to be an easy type of surgery, in reality it is quite a delicate procedure. So whether they are performing an FUE procedure or a strip hair transplant, surgeons will take special care throughout the operation.

Bandage of the back of a SHIFT's patient.

A bandage directly after a hair transplant procedure.

Post-operative care is of utmost importance

When performing a hair transplant, successful post-operative care is also crucial to achieving good results. Bandages after a hair transplant are important but patients need not keep the bandages on for long. At SHIFT Hair Transplant in Turkey, surgeons advise using bandages after the operation, but only for one day. After that, it is possible to remove the bandage and then there will be no need to apply one again.

During surgery experts will anaesthetise the scalp, but effects will wear off three to four hours later. Patients may feel discomfort or even some pain in their scalp, and many feel minor swelling or soreness. However, this bruising or swelling around the hairline should ease off after a few days.

It is possible to remove the bandages after a hair transplant one day after the surgery when the scalp is better. However, patients may keep them on for three to five days depending on the condition of the scalp after surgery. Some may feel that the scalp seems tight and pinkish, but this is normal. Sometimes the donor hair follicles may take time to implant themselves but the bandages are not necessary for this process. In fact, applying bandages which cover the scalp may lead to the grafted hair not falling off. Remember that there is no need to worry if this happens, though. The stem cell is implanted in the scalp from the hair follicle that is grafted and new hair grows from this stem cell that grows later on.

At SHIFT Hair Transplant surgeons will conduct the hair transplant in different ways depending on the type of hair that they are transplanting. However, they emphasise concentrating on bandages after a hair transplant is not enough in itself. Post-operative care is the most important factor in helping the follicle to grow and ensuring the best results from the surgery.

A bearded man with a head bandage on a black background.

SHIFT advises the removal of bandages one day after the procedure to avoid complications in the donor area.

Post-operative care after hair transplant

On Day Zero, which is to say after surgery, professionals will bandage the scalp. They will also advise about whether to keep the bandages on for longer or remove them once the patient begins the spraying process. The frequency of spraying diminishes as the days pass, but one must normally spray at an interval of two hours in the beginning. Surgeons will often advise patients not to wash the hair for the first four days after the transplant. Again, this will vary based on the condition of the patient.

Even after removing a bandage applied after a hair transplant, surgeons recommend wearing a special cap to protect the area. Whatever the case may be, the emphasis should be on avoiding any pressure to the scalp as this may uproot the grafted hairs.

It is likely that there will be swelling in the transplanted area, so patients should not sleep using a high pillow. It is best to avoid sleeping on pillows after the transplant, or to use a thinner pillow.

Massaging can also help to reduce swelling but patients must conduct this properly to avoid compromising the transplant. Surgeons at SHIFT Hair Transplant therefore recommend that patients take special care.

A medical kit on a white backgroınd.

We remove your bandage at the hospital.

Getting the results

Hair transplant in Turkey at SHIFT Hair Transplant involves the work of experienced surgeons. However, if patients expect that they will see results in the first few days then they are being too optimistic. They should instead give their body time to accept the new follicles that will then grow into new hair.

Patients may find some loose grafts after the first week of the procedure. There is no need to worry about this as the stem cell will remain as a bulb at the bottom of the scalp. The transplanted hair will also fall out but there will be a growth of new hair. This entire process will take place three to four months after the surgery.

All the above results are possible when the procedure takes place with special care. A hair transplant may not be a simple task but in the hands of experienced surgeons the results can be marvellous.




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