Hair Transplant Scabs Cleaning, A photo of a patient taken immediately after hair transplant and scabs are so fresh.

Hair Transplant Scabs Cleaning

What is the Importance of Removing Scabs after a Hair Transplant?

To ensure the success of your hair transplant you need to consider a range of important factors both before and after the operation. It is especially important to ensure proper post-operative care in order to get the most from your hair restoration. What you will read now is because Shift Hair Transplant would like to tell you some of important information you have to know about what called “Hair Transplant Scabs Cleaning”. A few days after your operation, you will find small scabs appearing on your scalp region. These are a result of scalp injuries caused by the tiny incisions with which the grafts are extracted and then transplanted. Find out why it is important to remove scabs after your hair transplant in Turkey.

Reducing Itchiness at what called Hair Transplant Scabs Cleaning

Scabs usually fall off on their own within the first 7-14 days, although this can depend on some factors such as the size of the incision at the recipient spots, the density of the hair grafts, the number of grafts implanted and so on. Each incision leads to lesions and the development of scabs. These small scabs, similar to any other, can cause a feeling of itchiness. You may be tempted to pick at the scabs or scratch the general area in order to reduce the itchiness, but it is essential to avoid doing so, as this could cause the newly placed grafts to become damaged at nobody want that. The SHIFT medical team recommends washing the scalp gently to let the scabs come off on their own. However, sometimes it may be necessary to remove the scabs in a special way. This is because it is important for the new grafts to be able to breathe after the tenth day after the hair transplant operation. The scabs may also prevent the new hair follicles from being able to take in enough oxygen.

Securing the Grafts as a result for Hair Transplant Scabs Cleaning

It can be beneficial to allow scabbing at the beginning, as this helps to secure the grafts in their proper spot. However, by the end of the tenth day, there is no pressing need to allow scabbing any more. Keep in mind that scabs promote a warm, damp environment that can lead to the growth of bacteria. This environment can give rise to an inflammatory response and therefore hinder growth, so it is a good idea to wash the scabs off at this point. SHIFT Hair Transplant in Turkey provides patients with a special enzyme-rich spray that helps the scabs and crusts to dissolve. This improves the cosmetic appearance of the scalp and also promotes safe and proper healing.

Avoiding Scarring at what called Hair Transplant Scabs Cleaning

The longer the scabs remain on your scalp after your hair transplant in Turkey, the more you will be tempted to scratch at your head. However, picking at the scabs very early on after the hair transplant operation can cause scarring. This is something to be avoided, particularly because hair grafts may also be attached to the scabs.

Caring for the Appearance

There is need to tell you that Scabs can also make the crown area look unappealing. Despite being tiny in size, these black or dark-brown coloured scabs are still visible to the naked eye. However, if you pick at scabs you also run the risk of dislodging the grafts. SHIFT Hair Transplant surgeons recommend that patients should attempt to remove the scabs once ten days have passed after the hair transplant operation. so now you own nice information about what called “Hair Transplant Scabs Cleaning”

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