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Sex Side Effects

What are the Side Effects of Having Sex after a Hair Transplant?

We all know that it’s best to avoid intense physical activity after invasive treatments or surgical interventions. This rule includes hair transplantation. As a general rule, in the five to seven days prior to the surgery and even following it, patients should avoid activities that lead to shortness of breath. This includes most cardiovascular activity and/or sexual activity. Abstaining from these activities will prevent a tendency towards thinning-out of the blood.

Sex After Hair Transplant

Find out about the effects of sexual activity on the transplanted hair and learn what experts from top hair restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant have to say about this.

Avoid Passionate Sex for 7-10 Days

It may seem counterintuitive to avoid passionate sex. However, physical intimacy is an act of passion in itself. If your partner pulls or strains your hair during this act, the grafts may suffer harm. This means that all the hard work of the hair transplant in Turkey could come to nothing. Intense sexual activity could cause some grafts to come out due to pressure exerted on the scalp. It could also impact on the sutures and lead to subsequent stretching in the donor area. Expert surgeons recommend abstaining from sexual activity for seven to ten days because unless done carefully and gently and as a result you avoid Sex Side Effects, becuase of that there is a high chance of damage occurring to the grafts.

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The heavy sexual activity could pop a few grafts put due to intense pressure.

Masturbation is Safer

Many patients are curious about whether masturbation has a similar Sex Side Effects on transplanted hair. The answer to this question is no. Any activity that is gentle on the head and avoids putting the scalp under strain will be safer. This means that masturbation is a less risky activity. Post-operative masturbation is a very private topic which patients rarely discuss. However, it is worth knowing that it is best to masturbate using a suitable posture that does not damage the grafts. Maintaining this correct posture can lead to masturbation being a safer act than physical intimacy with a partner.

Resuming Normal Sex with no Sex Side Effects

After about ten days, the grafts will have set into their position. From this point onwards, patients can resume their normal sexual activities. However, it is important to exercise caution and go gently. Patients should avoid rubbing their heads or making any intense pushing or pulling movements that could risk damaging the scalp or the grafts. Although patients can resume their normal sex life at the right time, experts from top clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant would advise them against going too hard at the beginning.

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