Hair Transplant Smoking Cannabis, a man smoking weed secretly on a white background.

Hair Transplant Smoking Cannabis

Is Hair Transplant Possible For Marijuana Users?

Marijuana is a drug which comes from a plant called Cannabis Sativa. It has many other names, such as bhang, ganja, skunk, rope, weed, grass or pot. For the most part, people use marijuana for relaxation or entertainment. However, some people also use it for medical purposes in controlled amounts. They will do so under the prescription and guidance of a doctor.

Regardless of their intentions in using the drug, regular marijuana users often wonder whether this will lessen their chances of having a successful hair transplant in Turkey. Find out the truth.

Two old men smoking weed in a public park.
SHIFT Hair Transplant does not recommend smoking cannabis, especially in public.

THC and Hair Loss

The active element in cannabis is a psychoactive compound called THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol). This compound enters the blood and overwhelms the brain with relaxing chemicals, giving a feeling of happiness.

Forensic departments throughout the world have tested hair samples to look for signs of drug misuse. Some marijuana users have experienced greater hair oiliness and more rapid hair loss. We can attribute these symptoms to a higher amount of THC in the hair.

It appears that THC deposits itself in hair shafts in higher concentrations. It also reduces the elongation of hair shafts, depending on the amount entering and accumulating in the body. THC also hinders the growth and multiplication of keratocytes in hair follicles.

Studies have indicated that consuming marijuana in any form – whether chewing or smoking – can lead to reduced hair growth or even hair loss.

Effects of Cannabinoids in what called “Hair Transplant Smoking Cannabis”

Marijuana contains chemicals called cannabinoids, which occur in more than one form. There are phytocannabinoids that cannabis and some other plants form. Synthetic cannabinoids, on the other hand, are chemically produced, while endocannabinoids are naturally produced in animals and by the human body.

Some studies that analysed the impact of these chemicals on hair follicles found evidence of an adverse effect on hair growth. Many experienced surgeons at top hair restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant state that prolonged use of marijuana can make hair softer and lead to eventual hair loss.

A girl smoking weed on the beach.
It is best to quit or cut down on smoking before and after a hair transplant.

Indirect Hair Loss

Using marijuana can result in higher levels of anxiety, greater activity and insomnia. Although users may intend to use it as a relaxant, it can actually increase stress and indirectly result in hair loss. Inadequate sleeping and eating habits can also lead to higher stress levels and poor nutrition. This, in turn, can affect the success of a hair transplant. Using marijuana can also aggravate alopecia areata, bald spots and other medical conditions which affect the scalp. SHift Hair Transplant can help you in more information about “Hair Transplant Smoking Cannabis” when you contact us.

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