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Bariatric Surgery Hair Transplant

Signs that you Should go for Hair Transplant after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Hair Transplant – After bariatric surgery, patients may experience hair loss. However, the hair loss they experience after bariatric surgery should not be permanent, meaning that hair will soon grow again. The hair loss is a result of adjustments in the body due to changes that occur during and after bariatric surgery. Afterwards, the body should return to its normal routine and hair growth should resume after a few months.

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Bariatric surgery causes rapid and extreme weight loss.

We expect hair to grow back a few months after a patient’s bariatric surgery. But what if this fails to happen? If hair fails to start growing again after around five months, patients may consider a hair transplant.

Here are some signs that patients could opt for a hair transplant after bariatric surgery.

  1. Prolonged hair loss

Hair loss due to bariatric surgery should be a temporary occurrence. However, it is not a given that your hair will resume its normal growth. This is especially true if there is an underlying issue that has been catalysed by the surgery, in which case hair loss may be permanent. If the hair has not started growing a year or more after bariatric surgery, it may be a sign that it won’t do so on its own. In this case, the hair transplant in Turkey could be the way to go.

  1. Increasing hair loss

As mentioned previously, hair should start growing again after hair loss resulting from bariatric surgery. If this does not happen, and instead the hair continues to thin and shed, then your hair may not be restored. In this case, what you need is a hair transplant in Istanbul.

  1. The doctor’s orders for Bariatric Surgery Hair Transplant

In “Bariatric Surgery Hair Transplant” Your doctor could advise a hair transplant after bariatric surgery after evaluating your hair loss condition. The doctor could recommend a hair transplant for various reasons. These could include your age, and your hair cells being unable to respond as they did when you were younger. It may also be that you need your hair back urgently and the natural restoration seems time-consuming. What’s more, it may be that you lack iron in your body and therefore your hair may not grow naturally again.

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