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Celebrity Hair Transplant

If you are considering using restorative techniques to bring back your full head of hair, you are not alone. Baldness is common with advancing age, even in the twenties and thirties: a period normally regarded as the prime of a person’s life. Many people choose to wear their bald head proudly, though many others prefer to opt for a hair transplant in Turkey. Those that do so are in good company, as there are many famous people who have had hair transplants to continue to retain their perfection and youth.

Elton John

We can consider this singing superstar to be a hair transplant pioneer. When his hair began to thin out in the early 1970s, he was one of the first stars to choose transplantation. Now a septuagenarian, Sir Elton still retains his head of hair. Hair restoration has come a long way since then. Today, many famous people just like Elton are making a beeline for centres like SHIFT Hair Transplant.

Mel Gibson

The ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Lethal Weapon’ star is one of the first celebrities people think of when they hear about the ’80s and ’90s stars with a thick head of hair. However, in around 2006 Mel started to lose his trademark hair and opted for a transplant. Although Mel has since cropped his hair, he continues to look dashing in roles such as Conrad Stonebanks in “The Expendables 3”. He is said to be very happy with his new appearance.

Matthew McConaughey

When the ‘Interstellar’ actor – known for his dramatic and intense roles – started to lose his hair he chose to have his thinning scalp filled in. The hunky ‘Fool’s Gold’ star has managed to retain his mop of hair thanks to excellent hair replacement techniques. Some suspect he went for a hair transplant in Turkey, a top destination for hair restoration these days.

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh, the ‘X Factor’ judge, is famous for his public views on Celebrity Hair Transplant. Indeed, it was his mate Simon Cowell that urged him to go for the treatment. Louis refers to the transplant procedure as a necessary means of maintaining his hair and has spoken of his satisfaction with the natural results that this process provides. He also recommended his surgeon to pals facing similar hair loss issues to him.

Dennis Miller sorted under Celebrity Hair Transplant

The stand-up comedy star has spoken publicly of his own hair transplant. He had the procedure before 2004 before his hair started to thin. These days, Dennis enjoys lush, thick hair, just like the kind that patients can obtain from top centres like SHIFT Hair Transplant.

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