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Grey Hair Transplant

What is the Truth about Grey Hair Transplant and Hair Transplant?

Hair colour is determined by melanin, a type of pigment which is produced by hair follicle cells called melanocytes. A person’s genetic makeup influences the quantity of melanin that is formed in the body and also dictates hair colour. Some people have naturally grey hair, while most people experience grey hair with advancing age. This happens when melanin production slows or stops and the shafts of hair lose colour and turn white or grey. Many people wonder whether grey hair is suitable for hair transplantation. Read on and discover the truth about grey hair and hair transplant.

Still Healthy Enough

The process of hair transplant in Turkey works by extracting healthy hair follicles from the sides and back of the head. Here, the follicles feel none of the impact from the DHT that can result in loss of hair. These healthy follicles are then shifted to the areas of hair loss. Surgeons at noted clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant can successfully transplant grey hair to balding areas from such spots, in a similar way as the normal hair follicle. This is possible because even grey hair follicles are still healthy enough to use.

Still Strong Enough

There is a misconception that the strength of grey hair is less than that of pigmented hair. Even grey hair is as genetically hardy as coloured hair and is, therefore, suitable for safe use in the donor area. There are excellent benefits of using grey hair for hair transplantation, as this type of hair can lower the contrast between skin and hair on suitable candidates. Candidates can get a salt and pepper look, with the correct level of thickness. They can have coarser hair, and each hair strand can offer better coverage on the scalp.

A Reduction in the Number of Grafts Needed

When grey hair comes with other attributes, such as curliness or waviness, the results that we can obtain from grey hair and hair transplant maybe even further enhanced. It is possible to reduce the total number of grafts needed for covering a particular area, and SHIFT Hair Transplant surgeons can achieve complete coverage in one session on just one day. Within a month or less of their hair transplant in Turkey, patients can apply dye to their normal hair as well as the transplanted hair strands. They can colour their hair as they wish and achieve the appearance they desire. Contact us for more about “Grey Hair Transplant”

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