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Hair Transplant Creativity

What Are Some Creative Hair Transplant Methods?

Hair Transplant Creativity – Hair transplantation is a popular way of addressing conditions such as hair thinning and balding. The treatment method tends to vary from one individual to another. Key factors include the quality of the donor’s hair, their age, any existing medical problems and other determinants. Find out more about the creative forms of hair transplant in Turkey that doctors, surgeons and specialists are using today.

Robotic Transplant 

This FDA-approved method is a physician-assisted technology. Patients can achieve natural-looking results with a permanent appearance. They can also avoid the stitches, plugs and pains that many associates with strip surgery and other traditional hair transplant techniques. The method is minimally invasive and leaves no linear scar. Furthermore, patients are free to cut and style their hair as they choose, without having to worry about concealing a scar.

The robotic transplant technique involves using a 3D photograph-based simulation of potential results. Advanced digital imaging is used in the harvesting process to track and determine every hair strand. This helps to maintain the natural appearance of hair in the donor area. Further to this, intelligent algorithms are used in recipient site development for creating the perfect hair pattern. This will ensure the best results and can also keep existing hairs healthy.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE emerged a decade ago as a substitute for traditional donor tissue strip harvesting. Many have since accepted this as the latest standard. The use of the FUE technique helps to avoid creating a linear scar. In fact, many medical practitioners recommend FUE because it reduces scarring. It is also minimally invasive and does not involve any deep incisions. Although some circular scars may develop, FUE will not lead to linear scarring. Surgeons at the best hair restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant swear by the effectiveness of FUE.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) at what called Hair Transplant Creativity

This technique involves the transplantation of patients’ hair in groups of one to five hairs. We call these ‘follicular units’, and these units occur naturally. Hair usually grows in ‘bundles’ or small groups. These will generally include one to five hairs. At times there may be up to five hairs in a single bundle, though this is not common.

DHI Hair Transplant at what called Hair Transplant Creativity

Many consider a DHI hair transplant a suitable permanent solution for hair loss. As they advance through life, women and particularly men tend to lose at least some hair. Some become completely or partially bald, while others complain of a thinning hairline.

  • A specially-designed tool helps to remove the healthy hair follicles safely. This avoids any damage to the adjoining follicles and scalp.
  • Experts preserve these follicles in their best form in a special solution. This solution will offer them the longest lifespan while out of the body.
  • The DHI transplant method requires local anaesthesia.
  • A DHI implanter is instrumental in performing this type of transplant. for more about Hair Transplant Creativity contact us.

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