Hair Washing Frequency, a male getting his hair washed.

Hair Washing Frequency

Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

Have you just had your hair transplant in Istanbul?  If yes you ust know Hair Washing Frequency, then post-operative hair wash is something you should learn about and make sure you stick to the recommendations of your surgeon as far as washing your hair after surgery is concerned.

Washing your hair is crucial because it helps remove scalps. Washing the hair also helps a great deal with the healing process. It is recommended that your lotion and shampoo your hair every time you are cleaning the hair after the procedure of hair transplant has been performed.

A bald male getting his hair washed.
Hair washing after hair transplant gives a fresh feeling to the patient.

Start Washing after Three Days

You should never wash your hair within the first two days after undergoing the hair transplant procedure. Instead, wait up to the third day and start the washing regime.

Wash at Least Once a Day

How often should you wash your hair? Well, that is the one-million-dollar question. While hair washing is necessary for removing scabs from the donor area and the skin around the newly grafted area, washing more than the recommended times a day could irritate and, or infection and interfere with the entire healing process.

It is recommended that you wash your hair only once a day for about 15 days. If you like, you can clean it twice daily. However, make sure you don’t do the washing more than two times a day. Otherwise, the process of washing could irritate and even make newly crafted areas soft and weak because it will be like it is being soaked in water. Again, a day should never pass without you washing your hair for at least 15 days from the day you start washing your hair after the hair transplant. Hair Washing Frequency

After knowing Hair Washing Frequency How to Wash your Hair

Now that you know that you should wash your hair at least once every day and not more than twice a day for 15 days from the third day after your hair transplant in Turkey, you must be wondering how to go about the washing.

Washing regime after hair transplant involves two processes. The first process is to lotion your hair. Whenever you want to wash your hair, start by applying lotion to moisturise the newly grafted areas and the donor sites. After using the cream, wait for about 45 minutes before proceeding to the second step, which involves shampooing. Shampoo your hair and then rinse. Take a warm shower to help with the rinsing part. This is the washing regime you should follow every time you are washing your hair after hair transplant in Turkey. That’s all about hair washing frequency.

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