Scar Hair Transplant, a recovered scar on a skin.

Scar Hair Transplant

Hiding Scars with Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is useful for treating pathological alopecia as well as the correction of scars, injuries, burns and postoperative marks on the head. SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic can hide scars by hair transplant using a seamless method of hair transplant in Turkey. This method makes it possible to transplant the hair follicles onto the damaged area of the scalp without skin trauma, thereby covering these visual defects.

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Scar hair transplant is the best option for covering scars on the head, beard and eyebrows.

Complexities of Hair Follicle Transplantation on a Scar

A scar is a form of deep trauma to the skin. Such trauma is accompanied by damage to the hair follicles without the possibility of their recovery. A similar phenomenon is called cicatricial alopecia. Hiding scars by hair transplant involve the dense cultivation of hair follicles and the creation of conditions suitable for hair growth on the surface of the scar.

FUE Method

FUE is an excellent method for hiding scars by hair transplant is the FUE method. The FUE method consists of taking hair follicles without cutting out skin flaps, thus extracting hair without leaving any scars. Technology makes it possible to take grafts from donor areas and accurately transplant them onto the scar.

In the SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic in Turkey, the hair transplant in Turkey procedure has the following advantages:

  • Hiding scars with a hair transplant is painless;
  • There is no injury to the donor area;
  • Post-surgical complications are unlikely;
  • Transplanted hair has a good survival rate.

It is possible to perform an FUE hair transplant under local anaesthesia. The procedure will last for about six to eight hours. During this time, the surgeon can transplant up to four thousand hair follicles.

Haircare after the Scar Treatment

At SHIFT, the FUE method accompanies the stimulation of the growth of transplanted hair through mesotherapy and plazmolifting. These procedures seek to moisturise and nourish the scalp. They should additionally lead to the opening of potassium channels and improve blood circulation. A procedure can last from eight to ten days. Combining a hair transplant onto a scar with therapeutic methods makes it possible to activate the transplanted hair follicles in a short period of time. This can cover undesirable scars forever.

Consultations about Scar Hair Transplant

If you want more information on your particular case, experts from the clinic can conduct a free consultation online.

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