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Hair Transplant Aftercare

Hair Transplant Aftercare

Solutions to Follow

Hair Transplant Aftercare – The truth is people in huge numbers are seeking hair transplant surgery to change their otherwise bald looks. The hair on the head definitely changes the looks and makes the person to appear young. Moreover, this form of surgery is not only safe and cost-effective but also provides long-term, result oriented, reliable results to treat baldness.

Some things to do after the surgery

Hair Transplant After Care Kit required: After the surgery, it becomes important to have some aftercare kit ready to take care of the new hair so that it remains intact and appears beautiful as good as new. There are few things that should be part of the hair transplant aftercare kit. They are as follows:

Antibiotic 500 mg.
Painkiller 500 mg.
Cleansing Foam.
Medical Shampoo.
Neck Pillow.
Ear Plugs.
Sleeping Eye Mask.
• Patient’s file: instructions, guarantee, invoice etc.

During the procedure, you will require eyes cover and ears plug to keep these organs safe. Taking proper care of the hair after the transplantation is sure to offer a lifelong guarantee, something that you are sure to enjoy and love.

Things to avoid post hair transplant surgery

Prevent exposing scalp from direct sunlight: There are present harmful UV rays in direct sunlight. Hence, immediately after the procedure and for few days, you should wear a protective wear or cap when going outside.
Avoid scratching or touching the operated scalp: During the first few days, you will feel that tingling, swelling or itching sensation in your head. Rubbing or scratching will only result in new grafts to fall down before they develop.
Avoid drinking liquor for the first week after undergoing the procedure, since it affects the circulation of blood in the head. Alcohol has been considered to be among the major causes for loss of hair in both women and men.
Avoid smoking: Smoking is also to be avoided the first 2 days immediately after surgery since smoking could affect the circulation of blood to hair follicles present on the scalp. New hair development will take place only with proper blood circulation.
Avoid participating in outdoor exercises, activities or sports for a week or so, after the surgery.
Activities and exercises resulting in excessive sweating are also to be avoided. The sauna or steam shower is to be postponed after a month to avoid facing health issues.
Avoid twisting around or bending consistently for the initial week after surgery.

The hair transplant is undoubtedly an effective treatment to get back lush hair on the head. Hence, proper care is to be taken of the scalp after surgery.