Hair Transplant Smoking Effects, A Middle Eastern bald guy in grey shirt lighting a cigarette.

Hair Transplant Smoking Effects

How Can Smoking Affect A Hair Transplant?

In reputable hair restoration centres such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, there are clear rules that patients should follow to ensure a successful hair transplant.

A bald serious looking guy smoking a cigar on white background.
Smoking promotes androgenic alopecia.

One of the most important rules is not to smoke. Patients must stop smoking two weeks prior to the surgery and continue to abstain for at least two weeks afterwards. Discover the effects of smoking on a hair transplant procedure and learn why professionals forbid smoking during and after surgery.

A desperate bald man smoking hand on head.
Nicotine constricts the blood vessels in the scalp.

Lack of Oxygen

Many studies have analysed the connection between hair loss and smoking. A 2007 study has shown that heavy smoking and smoking from one to twenty cigarettes a day can cause moderate to severe hair loss in men who are advancing in age. Although experts are yet to establish a precise link between hair loss and smoking, they believe smoking affects blood circulation. This results in the hair follicles suffering from a lack of oxygen and being more likely to shed as a result.

Constriction of Blood Vessels

Nicotine in cigarettes constricts the blood vessels in the scalp and impairs their capacity to supply blood. Anything limiting blood circulation to the scalp can reduce the pace of healing. Smoking after a hair transplant in Turkey can affect this supply of blood to the scalp. This can lead the freshly transplanted hair follicles to shrivel up and die before they can begin to grow in the transplanted area.

A hipster smoking pipe in street.
Smoking a pipe or hookah has the same or worse effects on hair.

Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic alopecia is a common hair condition that affects men and women. It is also referred to as male-pattern baldness in men. Androgenetic alopecia is characterised by the loss of hair in a clear pattern starting over both temples. Over time, the hairline will recede and begin to resemble the letter “M”. There will be a thinning of hair close to the top section of the head, often progressing to complete or partial baldness.

Brittle Hair

Smokers’ scalps receive less blood and therefore less of the oxygen and essential nutrients that the hair needs to survive and grow. An unhealthy scalp can lead to poor hair growth because the top layers of the hair may become damaged and brittle, causing them to break prematurely.

Risk of Bleeding

If a patient smokes before and/or after hair transplant surgery, their follicles may weaken and many of them may never grow again. Smoking can also lead to bleeding during the operation. This side effect occurs as a result of the nicotine present in the body.

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