Istanbul Common Tourist Scams, a man getting robbed at an airplane.

Istanbul Common Tourist Scams

Istanbul Common Tourist Scams

If you visit Istanbul, it is possible that you may face common tourist scams as you would do in any other big city. However, you are likely to be surprised by the honesty of many Turkish people. They are more likely to walk an extra mile to help you reach your destination than to steal your wallet. Nevertheless, in such a big city you must be ready to find people with more dubious intentions.

Despite this, you should not be unduly concerned about tourist scams in Istanbul and how to avoid falling prey to scammers in Istanbul. In fact, one could argue that there are fewer tourist scams here than in many other global cities. If you are visiting Istanbul for a hair transplant in Turkey, SHIFT Hair Transplant Clinic will make your visit even more comfortable.

Before we give an overview of the most common scams, you should be aware of the following:

A large number of scams take place in crowded and heavily touristed areas such as Sultanahmet, Taksim Square, Istiklal Caddesi and Cumhuriyet Caddesi. It is much rarer to face such a problem in residential neighbourhoods such as Cihangir.

Scammers usually target people that are travelling alone. However, remember that if you see a scammer approaching you need only refuse their invitations. They will most likely move on rather than insulting or attacking you.

Read on for more information about scams in Istanbul and how to avoid becoming a victim of scammers in Istanbul. 

Istanbul Common Tourist Scams
Always compare the prices on the menu with the total on your bill.

Istanbul Common Tourist Scams

Invitations for a Drink

The main aim of this scam is to persuade you to enter a bar with expensive drinks and scantily-clad women. However, the unpleasant result is that you will find yourself presented with a bill for hundreds of Euros. The main targets for this scam are single Western men.

How does this scam work? in what called Istanbul Common Tourist Scams

First, you will see a well-dressed man who will try to make conversation with you in fluent English. He is sure to ask you for a lighter if you are a smoker, and you may notice that he threw away a cigarette a minute before approaching you.

Even if you are sitting alone outside, he may join you at the table and start up a conversation. So, regardless of his approach, you could end up joining him for a couple of after-work drinks in a place which he claims his “very good friend” owns.

How can you avoid this scam at Istanbul Common Tourist Scams

You should never, ever follow the advice of strangers. You can easily find bar recommendations yourself on the internet. Tell the scammer that you are waiting for some friends to join you and you are not interested. Let him know from the outset that you are not a naive person, and avoid saying “maybe next time” because this may encourage him to try again.

Carpet and Leather Goods Scam

If you are concerned about scams in Istanbul and how to avoid being scammed in Istanbul, we can explain one of the most common scams and the best solutions for it. The main goal of the carpets and leather goods scam is to encourage you to buy from the shops where the scammer works, and you can be sure that the prices will not be cheap.

Be wary of any stranger who wanders around the Grand Bazaar area or Sultanahmet. Often, a seemingly friendly character who knows several languages will ask you the classic question of “Are you lost?” He will then offer to show you some outstanding spots in the Grand Bazaar

This man will be your “guide” until you decide to buy something, which will inevitably turn out to be very expensive. You should never accept a “guide” that presents himself to you on the street. If you get lost, you are better off using your own initiative to ask someone to help you. If you are looking for the best hair transplant in Turkey, SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic is the one for you.

Theft at Istanbul Common Tourist Scams

When you come to visit Istanbul, one of the things you are sure to want to know more about is scams in Istanbul and how to avoid being scammed in Istanbul. The main goal of some thieves is to steal your wallet and other valuables, and here their target is any careless tourist. The places where thieves are the most active are crowded places such as busy streets and public transportation. 

Many people want to know more about scams in Istanbul and how to avoid being scammed in Istanbul. Firstly, by keeping your wallet in your front pocket, you are much less likely to be a victim of theft. Always wear handbags and backpacks on the front of your body, and make sure you close your zips properly. It is best not to leave bags, phones and other valuable items on (terrace) tables because this makes it easier for passers-by to grab them.

Overcharging Restaurants

Restaurants are a common location for scams in Istanbul and what called Istanbul Common Tourist Scams. How can you avoid being scammed in Istanbul? Here, the scammers’ goal is to make you pay for things you haven’t ordered. Their targets include people who are hungry and unaware. To give one example, if you fail to specify which beer you want they may bring you the most expensive kind instead of cheaper local Efes.

To prevent these situations from occurring, you need only be careful with what you order. If you order a hair transplant in TurkeySHIFT Hair Transplant experts will perform the procedure according to your needs. Now you know a lot about “Istanbul Common Tourist Scams” contact us for any more information.

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