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Caffeine Hair Transplant

Why Should you Avoid Caffeinated Drinks before a Hair Transplant?

The days when we had to conceal hair loss with unsightly wigs and unnatural solutions are long behind us now that we can take advantage of hair transplantation. People from all around the world are currently reaping the benefits of this method. Some of the best hair transplant surgeons today can be found in Turkey. SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic is one of the best clinics, where it is possible to have any type of hair transplant in Turkey.

If you want to achieve the best results from your hair transplantation, you need to take some precautionary measures before the procedure. One of the main questions that patients have is whether they can consume caffeinated beverages before their hair transplant? We all know that it is hard to avoid our favourite drink in the morning, but it may have some benefits for your future hair.

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The problem with caffeinated beverages before a hair transplant is that the caffeine will usually increase the patient’s blood pressure.

How can Patients Avoid Caffeine Before a Hair Transplant?

Most people can’t leave the bed and wake up in the morning without a cup of coffee. This drink is used to get rid of tiredness, and people use it to move further with their tasks or just to relax. The problem with consuming caffeinated beverages before a hair transplant is that caffeine will usually increase the patient’s blood pressure, which can lead to bleeding during the hair transplant procedure. Caffeine can also stop the effect of some medications used for the patient during the procedure.

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Green tea can thin your blood before hair transplant, so SHIFT advises not to have it.

Use Decaffeinated Versions as a Replacement for Coffee

Avoiding caffeinated beverages before a hair transplant is a big problem for people that have grown used to their favourite drink over the many years before their hair transplantation. However, patients should be aware that they only need to cut it out for a few days. If it is still very hard for you to get out of bed the morning, you can try using decaffeinated drinks. Their taste is similar and they can be a great replacement for a few days.

Does Caffeine Have Negative Effects on a Hair Transplant?

Drinking caffeinated beverages before a hair transplant will not have as strong a negative effect as smoking. However, patients should still follow every precaution in order to get the best possible results from the hair transplant operation and avoid bleeding during the procedure and after it.

When someone has problems with hair loss, it is advisable for them to visit the SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic and choose one of the best options for hair transplant in Turkey.

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